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  • "Oh my God. I wonder why the men in my life never call me back as well. Thanks for turning life's heart-rending experiences into wonderful prose for us all to enjoy and cry over. Two penises? That's not crass sweetie. Your honesty is just astounding and wonderful. I wish I was you." - Mimi New York
  • "Thank you for the awwwwsome satire. If she can't take a joke, fuck her." - Seenster
  • "SK is dumb. End of story. Keep on pissing on her bonfire please." - Piu Piu
  • "Only Alex Blagg could write something this stupid." - beerzie boy
  • "Brilliant. Witty. Fantastic. Hysterical." - The Daily Ranter
  • "I would like to nominate this for a Nobel Prize. This is, without a doubt, one of the funniest things ever. Especially the line about masturbating to your own words. But who doesn't do that when they write something brilliant?" - Dave
  • "I can't tear myself away from the ringside action and ring-size drama. Ahhh, the drama." - Young Manhattanite
  • "Genius parody... I really hope [this is] written by a girl, and that she will be my new best friend." - Lindsayism
  • "Great site! Love the entertainment!" - Rene
  • "I luv the site. Now, who is this Stephanie Klein person and why is she impersonating the 2 of you?" - Scott
  • "I don't know why everyone thinks this sight is funny. It's painful. You are a great writer - your style is like William Faulkner meets Hillary Duff - but you are so concerned with what men think of you! I was once fat, too. I know you were fat because you, like all fat girls, were molested by your father. I managed to find my way out of obesity... I now teach Feminist Dance Therapy at UC Santa Cruz, and I can tell you that I am now skinny as a non-molested girl. I stare at your picture and think of what your shallow life must be like. I could show you a way out of that mess. Let me show you. Let me teach you." - Sylvia Jessica Plath

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The difference is that here, you're not attacking or supporting SK, for which this site is a forum- you're attacking other commenters, which is just plain mean. Of course you can comment all you want, I was just making a request.



You are lashing out at Chris London on someone elses blog. He has a blog (but you know that). Your obssesion with the fact that he just commented on pics posted a month ago is amusing...maybe he does not look at SK's blog everyday...SO WHAT. Stop hiding behind a bogus blogger acct and vague email and direct your anger to the right source.

Your comments do not make any of us who laugh at this parody laugh less at SK's blog- it only enforces the image of SK as the mean, self centered, sneaky soul she appears to be. Tsk tsk.


from SK's talkback:

"dear, dear stephanie...there are such days when you draw from my soul a weary sigh...the heavy burden of bittersweet thank you."

I just threw up in my mouth a little.

The mirror has two faces

Edina said-

"Your comments do not make any of us who laugh at this parody laugh less at SK's blog- it only enforces the image of SK as the mean, self centered, sneaky soul she appears to be. Tsk tsk."

Are you 12? My writing how pathetic Vhris London is(who obssesses over her and how this is an unmoderated forum with (Oh No) a different opinion than you, enforces some image of SK as mean to you? I'm glad you wrote that. Now I feel better about thinking the way I do about you.


I did not say SK was mean to me- I do not even know her.

BUT, she is mean to critics, as you Mirror.(likely SK herslf) should know. This has been well documented by dozens of bloggers, not just Mr. London.

I can not wait for the critics to rail on her book...hopefully she is able to modify her behavior by then because I think many of the major critics will be on to her little two bit tricks that she played on fellow bloggers...

The mirror has two faces


You cannot say she is mean to critics as there has been NO documentation of that. Just people who think she is superficial or a bad writer on her blog. So you ask someone to modify behavior of which SHE HAS DONE NOTHING! Honestly, look at what you are angry about. Has she ever taken anything but the high road? Ever said anything but "This is me. I write what I want, so deal with it."? You can't wait for the critics to rail her book? You haven't read it! You don't know it! Maybe it will be spectacularly funny, heartwarming and well written. Don't like her blog, that's fine. But grow up and be critical yet treat someone as you would liked to be treated.

Floppy Lover

Everyone knows that "Mirror" is SK, right?

The mirror has two faces

That "mean to critics" comment got me riled as i've been watching this abortion unfold from afar for some time and wonder how it gets as convoluted and factually inaccurate as it does. I had more faith in people but was wrong. This Chris London clown is obsessed with SK to the point of commenting on every website, every post on his site, every utterance out of his sphincter is about her- putting her down for everything that he aspires to(see his blog with "buff" photo, etc.). Would you call him a critic? He says he is being critical of her "art". In a self important move he even got interviewed about how much he loathes her!

This is not about that ass clown but about how she treats critics as you said- Was she mean to her "critics"?

"I emailed Stephanie Klein about Chris London and his blogs about her. She replied: "Chris London is entitled to his opinion. Despite everything, I really do wish him the best."

That was her response.

the interview is now down(from the link on Chris London's site...of course there is a link on his site) but here is the cached one for proof.,+chris+london&hl=en

My point is, keep saying false things long enough and then they become true. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Be critical but fair.

And now my soap box is put away.

The mirror has two faces

And no, i'm not SK. Why would she care about this drek. Believe what you wish, anyway. I'm sure you've woven some tale of cover up and scandal...


"watching this abortion unfold" -- I'm sorry- did you really just say that? Your word choice is in incredibly poor taste.
In the vein of SK taking the high road- do remember that she complained to blogger about these parodies (even blogger admitted later that the complaints had no legal merit)- is she treating others like she'd like to be treated? I think not.


Of COURSE Mirror is SK - either her, or that dope she dates - Phil. Don't they BOTH know that their writing style is very much the same as when they comment/write under their own names?

Chris London talks about SK because like the stupid fuck she IS, she USED him. He sent her to events to photograph for HIM and she came back with photos of herself and HER friends. She's self-centered and only cares about what people can do for HER and where it will get HER.

I agree with Edina 100% about her book. SK will not be able to control the reviews. She will not be able to "delete" comments/posts/reviews that she doesn't like or that don't favor her. And believe me, there will be a LOT of them.

And Mirror, you say "and no, I'm not SK. Why would she care about this drek?" Everyone KNOWS she googles herself. If she didn't, she wouldn't have found half the blogs that talk about her and she wouldn't have COMMENTED on them to defend herself.

And worse then her are the people who read her shit and kiss her ass by showering her with praise and telling her how they are "inspired" by her. You have got to be one loser piece of shit to be "inspired" by SK. Unless of course, you are looking to be a self-absorbed slut who fucks half of NY and then writes about how they didn't call her after. About how she's lonely and can't find love. About how she's lucky for her friends and stupid ass dog or she wouldn't have anything else in her life.

She is going to be short lived and a one hit wonder. Once the book comes out and gets HAMMERED with bad reviews, no one will give a shit about her. And she'll have to go out and get another regular job instead of sitting in a bookstore arranging her index cards to make it look like she doesn't plan her blog posts.

She's the worst display of a person I have ever read. She IS her blog. And her blog is SHIT.


If a two-faced mirror falls in the woods - does anyone hear?


the fake SK fans often tout that sk takes the high road, and, as I have said before, it is easy for her to appear to have taken the high road as she posts nasty under bogus names, emails and blogger accts. mirror is SK, the 'assclown' and pissing comments is all her writing style. she is so busy monitoring comments on blogs, no wonder she had to quit her day job.....

Someone who knows

Mirror is Phil. Absolutely. Without a doubt. It's him.


i am so delighted to see someone comment on here who is not so pathetically hypocritical and self-delusional. kudos to mirror. and no, i'm not sk. i'm not even a fan of sk either. i too think she could unload a shipload of self indulgence and still sink. i think you can rightfully critique (and satirize) her work (as the former authors of this blog have so brilliantly done). but to OBSESS over how much you dislike her (ahem, chrissie-poo) while so conveniently having a reckless disregard for actual facts (indeed, twisting them freakishly to suit your own predetermined baseless obsession), well that is just pathetic. i would like someone to point out an example of stephanie being "mean" to anyone. her only crime is her shameless self indulgence. but that is the point of her blog. she is not hurting anyone. if she has stopped posting nasty comments on her blog, i don't blame her. hell, go check chris' blog and see if he kept up the posts where anyone questioned his facts. i mean, for fuk sake, get a life. being interviewed about how much you hate someone is just plain scary. frankly, i don't blame the TOTS girls for letting this run its course. i'm sure they don't want to be associated with such freaks.

oh, and to noisette, your comment that mirror should shut up because this is a forum for attacking or supporting SK, and other attacks are just plain mean? that is comical. so, it's perfectly alright to spew baseless and rude facts about someone else who's never done anything to you? your comment would support SK's blocking people from posting on her site (or having her "fans" criticise those who defend her), right? i mean, if she's writing about how much she loves and appreciate her friends, that makes it a topical discussion to tell her how flabby her arms are and to call her a cunt?


This is getting ridiculous, people. I could try to understand the appeal of waging private battles in public forums, if only those battles weren't so idiotic and immature. I mean, come on, Phil, you're old enough to be my DAD for god's sake. Can't you grow some balls and post under your real name and email?

I don't have the time or inclination to moderate this comment section, so I'm going to leave it and hope that people get tired of the mud fight. Please know that just because we leave comments up doesn't mean we condone the sentiments expressed (this goes for both "sides").

Finally, thanks to those who posted sincere/funny comments. It's too bad they're lost in the melee around here.


Sarah, you're absolutely right. I apologize for my role in this. You clever and funny- and I think I speak for everyone when I say- thanks for making me laugh.


i'll agree with noisette on that one. this blog was hilarious. good luck with all, and keep writing.


a question before you go: how did you stumble across Greek Tragedy and how did you and your cohort decide to do this parody. Just curious...........


Hahahaha. It's fun to read a parody that's not distasteful, eh?


lets hear your comments here....


sarah and i are both insomniacs and this blog was a result of a little too much alcohol and too little sleep. i believe it was myself that said something along the lines of, 'god, i can't believe how self-indulgent my blog is'...and sarah replied with 'well, whenever i feel like that, i head on over to greek tragedy. i don't feel like that for too long.'

i probably have the transcript still saved, but in reality, IMversation scripts are rarely as amusing to others as we think they i'm not even going to bother pulling it.

we didn't start this blog to wager a personal attack on SK. we have deleted two comments in the entirety of this blog (purely because they threatened specific people), and edited a few because they released personal information - thats it. we don't have time nor the inclination to moderate the comments here, and lets face it: that would be like us calling the kettle black.

this has been fun, really it has - but we both figured it was time to move on. we have projects that we are working on, and i speak for myself here, but parody takes research. the research here was GT, and i personally got to a point where it i can't read that blog anymore.

sarah originally put up the STFU post with all of our information on it, but we collectively decided to take it down. we didn't do this to whore ourselves out for attention, we did it purely for humours sake and we're stoked (and surprised) that it received this much attention. we both blog, about our lives, yeah, and sometimes it's vapid and self absorbed. we're girls. we love shoes. we have problems with guys. we make no false claims about who we are, if we are being shallow and contrived, and are the first people to admit that.

we never started out for this to be a witch hunt or to be a vicious attack on one particular person. the target - or inspiration - was easy for us. there was material there that we could work with. we did it, and we had a blast.

thanks for the laughs.


As with everything good I encounter, I come to it at its end. Be it John Frieda Purple tineted Hair product, or L'Oreal Eye Circle eraser it's all the same. DAMN!

Walking Contradiction

I just threw up in my mouth. And then I left the GREEK TRAGEDY. And then I came to this parody site, and laughed. THANK YOU FOR THE FUNNIES!

For a long time, I liked her writing. I can admit that. But the "Bennifer" thing Steph and Phil got going on, is just getting quite nuasiating. (BARF-O-RAMA)


Girls, thanks for the laughs - I'm sorry to see you go, but it sounds like a well thought out decision. Best of luck to you both!

I don't care if "mirror" is SK or not, but it's such a great handle choice - that movie was filmed at Columbia while SK was a student there (and I'm not some creepy stalker, I was there too). Good fact-checking, whoever you are!

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