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  • "Oh my God. I wonder why the men in my life never call me back as well. Thanks for turning life's heart-rending experiences into wonderful prose for us all to enjoy and cry over. Two penises? That's not crass sweetie. Your honesty is just astounding and wonderful. I wish I was you." - Mimi New York
  • "Thank you for the awwwwsome satire. If she can't take a joke, fuck her." - Seenster
  • "SK is dumb. End of story. Keep on pissing on her bonfire please." - Piu Piu
  • "Only Alex Blagg could write something this stupid." - beerzie boy
  • "Brilliant. Witty. Fantastic. Hysterical." - The Daily Ranter
  • "I would like to nominate this for a Nobel Prize. This is, without a doubt, one of the funniest things ever. Especially the line about masturbating to your own words. But who doesn't do that when they write something brilliant?" - Dave
  • "I can't tear myself away from the ringside action and ring-size drama. Ahhh, the drama." - Young Manhattanite
  • "Genius parody... I really hope [this is] written by a girl, and that she will be my new best friend." - Lindsayism
  • "Great site! Love the entertainment!" - Rene
  • "I luv the site. Now, who is this Stephanie Klein person and why is she impersonating the 2 of you?" - Scott
  • "I don't know why everyone thinks this sight is funny. It's painful. You are a great writer - your style is like William Faulkner meets Hillary Duff - but you are so concerned with what men think of you! I was once fat, too. I know you were fat because you, like all fat girls, were molested by your father. I managed to find my way out of obesity... I now teach Feminist Dance Therapy at UC Santa Cruz, and I can tell you that I am now skinny as a non-molested girl. I stare at your picture and think of what your shallow life must be like. I could show you a way out of that mess. Let me show you. Let me teach you." - Sylvia Jessica Plath

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Jeff Funk

I'm going to give to the Red Cross. I gave a small donation this weekend while I was out with my friend, Sara. The bar we were at, Babylon, was selling Jell-o shots & Mardi Gras beads to help raise money. I've been glued to CNN. And I've taken a couple days off from blogging because I almost feel guilty writing about my love life when so many people's lives have been shattered.


As an aside, I always chuckle on the "other site" whenever people comment about the writer's lack of charity because she always reflexively brings up the example of the time she carried City Harvest boxes in a hailstorm on her lunch break - - in HIGH HEELS, people. Like, "dammit, I SUFFER in my heels for the poor so f off".

All kidding aside, thanks for pointing people in the direction of where they can really help.

Stephanie "Look at Me Being Charitable" Klein

PIG SPOTTED In Newport, Rhode Island, none other than Stephanie Klein snapping photos with her "chiclets" looking like she was preparing for her movie role for her book about "Fat Camp" and joking about how the negative publicity online has only increased traffic to her web site.

M. Hari

I heard she looked fat - more like a size 10 than a size 6. And her hair isn't as fabulous in person as she portrays it to be on her website. I guess she must have it "done" when she knows she's going to be snapped. What a cow.

Steph Goldstein

Regarding the last two comments:

Believe me, I understand your frustration with SK and her ilk. And if I said that you guys shouldn't just be ripping into her like this, well, I'd be like one Simpson telling the other not to lipsync.

But please, this is not the time or the post for vicious Klein-bashing. Let's keep the focus on helping... at least until I get my fat camp post up.

- S.

Sean O.

OK, so....I LOVE your blog-AND i want you to know that after reading you and the "other" I have come to the conclusion that SK is truly like Whitney Houston: fun to watch for a minute but in the end just a horrid mess (whoops might get sued, calling counsel now)


did anyone see this????? HAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!
i think bobby hit the nail on the head -- no love drama in stephanie's life = no identity. She had a bad dream about her dream man so there must be something wrong? Are you kidding me? How about she had a bad dream because she is a neurotic self centered baby who will never and can never allow herself to be happy for fear of loosing the "poor me" per$sona she has going. Give me a break -- she does not want a real relationship. Mark my words, as great as this guys sounds he will be done soon. Fear not readers... "woe is me" Step will be back soon so you can all tell her how great she is and how much you love and care about her. Not much else to say till then I guess... RUN SUITOR, RUN LIKE THE WIND.

Posted by: getoverit | Sep 6, 2005 2:05:12 PM


I guess you missed the part where the authors said this post is about charity and not hating Stephanie Klein?

I'm guessing you thought your comment was just too clever to NOT post everywhere you could?

annabeth goldstein

Thanks, Leann, I was just headed here to say that.

Seriously, guys, this isn't the post to be bashing anyone. We don't want to have to start moderating or deleting comments...if you want to sling some poop, please do it somewhere else other than this post.

TIA for your co-operation.


He's Dead, Jim!

Lord knows there is enough of the comment moderation going around on other sites. Folks, we don't want it here in our safe haven...


annabeth goldstein

Zackly. I have better things to do than moderating this BS.

Like working on new posts.

mimi f.

Yeah, excellent links. Thanks girls. There's not a lot left to say is there? It's just a black, black time.

Blog Ho

wait a minute....what happened?

yankee clipper

hey, cut the gal poster some slack. you cant create a site for the sole purpose of lambasting SK (and for which i am thankful everyday) and expect people to just turn off their animosity towards her. i made a donation already, so can we get back to ripping the hoebag apart?


Lest anyone feel sorry for the perpetual victim on the other site, my blog entries have been met with a sad case of over the top elitism. From SK and her surrogates, I have been subjected to threats to harm my employment relationship and of late a disgusting level of elitism making pointed reference to my not being in the same socioeconomic class in some vein attempt to marginalize or dull my commentary. Well I guess if you give head to someone who runs a hedge fund and Judith Regan writes you a check then that you must obviously fuels one's self entitlement complex. If anyone has any doubts about whether these folks are a vapid lot of spoiled snots evidence abounds to the contrary. Nobody need feel sorry for poking fun at folks of this ilk. And Kudos for whomever spotted them in Newport. See Even in nature's glorious surroundings there is always time for a photo op for "more photos of me"


ha! grasping. at. straws.

i can't WAIT for a new post so that all the hater comments will actually be relevant.


The only disgusting level of elitism I see is Chris trying to sit at the cool kid's table in this lunchroom. You are marginal, been known to give head to other temp lawyers(when someone would hire you as a temp, of course), and pretend to be someone you are not. We see you as the tragic character in this play. Are you rosencrantz or guildenstern? Asking to take Lindsay's photo? We laugh at you because you are laughable. Go scam the U.S. Open for more passes you elitist turd. You are not welcome in this sandbox unless you can have fun. It is about fun not someone with no friends trying to buy some with photos, accolades or tickets. My sincerest apologies for slapping this little boy's hand in this forum. The tragedy needs to be addressed and his consistent disregard for anything/anyone but himself leaves the comments section stale.

annabeth goldstein

oh dear.

what have we done?


I'm so dissapointed. Let's not turn a place for clever satire into a place for shameless personal attacks.


Luke, That's what people do. Don't you know that? We've done it with SK. Starting out with clever parody and turning into rabid dog's wanting to "Anger Fuck", etc. I've seen it happen to other bloggers as well. Yesterday I saw it happen to Wil Wheaton
who laments "The Internets are positively filled with total fucking wackos, and I've got a family to think about, you know?"

My point being, what started as a subtle mocking became hateful and ugly rather than satirical and clever. I think Goldstein's can bring it back but it would take the numnutslike Chris to leave us alone.


When the waters have receded, the country comes to terms with the loss, and hindsight kicks in, this is going to be a terrible example of callousness in the face of tragedy. Not because of childish behavior or name-calling, but because of the total disregard for both the nature of the post and the will of the authors.

I’d rather not add to the mess any longer. (But I’ll continue to read because, girls, I think you’re hilarious).

mimi f.

That was an excellent comment Luke.

This is a terrible time, it's a time for sympathy and compassion, not unprovoked jealous attacks. As far as I can see the aim of this blog is to mildly poke fun, not express vindictive hatred. I think both steph and annee have a perfect right to start editing or deleting comments to express that and keep the atmosphere to an appropriate level, an ambience with which they are comfortable.

Now please go turn on the news and look at what's happening outside your heads, all the meanies on this comments section. And please express some courtesy to your hosts by complying with their wishes. It is their blog after all, and we are merely guests.


I have enjoyed this blog immensely. I also enjoy SK's blog. The two together are a great read.

I'm sorry that SK has lost her sense of humor in regards to this blog, and is suing.

I do wish, however, that some of the comments here weren't so hateful to SK. I think that some of the commenters here have lost their sense of humor as well.

Yes, Stephanie can really go overboard sometimes, but its just a blog.

annabeth goldstein

Just to clarify, Sarah, she's not suing us. We received a ceast and desist, and blogger shut us down, but nothing further.

I agree wholeheartedly with everything else you have to say, though. Seriously people, lighten up.


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