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  • "Oh my God. I wonder why the men in my life never call me back as well. Thanks for turning life's heart-rending experiences into wonderful prose for us all to enjoy and cry over. Two penises? That's not crass sweetie. Your honesty is just astounding and wonderful. I wish I was you." - Mimi New York
  • "Thank you for the awwwwsome satire. If she can't take a joke, fuck her." - Seenster
  • "SK is dumb. End of story. Keep on pissing on her bonfire please." - Piu Piu
  • "Only Alex Blagg could write something this stupid." - beerzie boy
  • "Brilliant. Witty. Fantastic. Hysterical." - The Daily Ranter
  • "I would like to nominate this for a Nobel Prize. This is, without a doubt, one of the funniest things ever. Especially the line about masturbating to your own words. But who doesn't do that when they write something brilliant?" - Dave
  • "I can't tear myself away from the ringside action and ring-size drama. Ahhh, the drama." - Young Manhattanite
  • "Genius parody... I really hope [this is] written by a girl, and that she will be my new best friend." - Lindsayism
  • "Great site! Love the entertainment!" - Rene
  • "I luv the site. Now, who is this Stephanie Klein person and why is she impersonating the 2 of you?" - Scott
  • "I don't know why everyone thinks this sight is funny. It's painful. You are a great writer - your style is like William Faulkner meets Hillary Duff - but you are so concerned with what men think of you! I was once fat, too. I know you were fat because you, like all fat girls, were molested by your father. I managed to find my way out of obesity... I now teach Feminist Dance Therapy at UC Santa Cruz, and I can tell you that I am now skinny as a non-molested girl. I stare at your picture and think of what your shallow life must be like. I could show you a way out of that mess. Let me show you. Let me teach you." - Sylvia Jessica Plath

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PEOPLE, stop.
"I chose to expose you on this site for the loser you are."
Why would you do that? Why would we care? Why spoil the vibe with your negative tone?
Good god. Take it elsewhere.
Sisters- well done. I have nothing but positive, shiny, happy feelings for you two.

the yankee clipper

i am lost with regard to the battle between chris and runbit. i thought the purpose of this site was to mock SK, her dildo boyfriend, and all of her sycophantic putrid JAP friends (with Fish at the top of the list). appreciate this site for what it is: a mockery of that deuchebag SK, her life, her blog, and everyone who associates with/adores her.

La Putain du Subtext

I agree. "Exposing others" is not the done thing. Particularly mid-September when it starts to get chilly. One might contract influenza, or even cold sores in the most untoward places.

Subtext Whore

Hmm, re Chris and Susan's comments about Steph's "voice": I think she's finally slipped up.

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