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  • "Oh my God. I wonder why the men in my life never call me back as well. Thanks for turning life's heart-rending experiences into wonderful prose for us all to enjoy and cry over. Two penises? That's not crass sweetie. Your honesty is just astounding and wonderful. I wish I was you." - Mimi New York
  • "Thank you for the awwwwsome satire. If she can't take a joke, fuck her." - Seenster
  • "SK is dumb. End of story. Keep on pissing on her bonfire please." - Piu Piu
  • "Only Alex Blagg could write something this stupid." - beerzie boy
  • "Brilliant. Witty. Fantastic. Hysterical." - The Daily Ranter
  • "I would like to nominate this for a Nobel Prize. This is, without a doubt, one of the funniest things ever. Especially the line about masturbating to your own words. But who doesn't do that when they write something brilliant?" - Dave
  • "I can't tear myself away from the ringside action and ring-size drama. Ahhh, the drama." - Young Manhattanite
  • "Genius parody... I really hope [this is] written by a girl, and that she will be my new best friend." - Lindsayism
  • "Great site! Love the entertainment!" - Rene
  • "I luv the site. Now, who is this Stephanie Klein person and why is she impersonating the 2 of you?" - Scott
  • "I don't know why everyone thinks this sight is funny. It's painful. You are a great writer - your style is like William Faulkner meets Hillary Duff - but you are so concerned with what men think of you! I was once fat, too. I know you were fat because you, like all fat girls, were molested by your father. I managed to find my way out of obesity... I now teach Feminist Dance Therapy at UC Santa Cruz, and I can tell you that I am now skinny as a non-molested girl. I stare at your picture and think of what your shallow life must be like. I could show you a way out of that mess. Let me show you. Let me teach you." - Sylvia Jessica Plath

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Hey, just came across your blog and I love your writing! You've inspired me to to let men sodomize me so I too can one day have a list of MILSM in a little black book. I love your hair!


Haha, too funny girls! Keep it up!


Glad you liked my comment, and you're totally right - Men is way better than Dudes.

He's Dead, Jim!

You two rock! Thanks for reading my mind. The Emperor is naked, and her name is SK. That joke of a blog deserves a parody. How wonderful that it is better than the "original!"


All I needed to do is see the banner to laugh.


its SO frustrating when u get those calls isn't it? especially when you can't remember their damned names (let alone their members).

keep it up DARLINGS. every time i see Prada, i think of you...

piu piu x


sorry, sweeties, that should read 'especially when you can't remember their damned members (let alone their names)".

what was i thinking of?????


Eating cock, eating krispi kremes. If one swallows does this curb the temptation to swallow whole rotisserie chickens like slender red-haired pythons? Is gorging on old, pre-acquainted cock calorifically, well, OK? Is phcuking used and discarded goods an acceptable level of entertainment for such gorgeous creatures as yourselves?

I find it hard to read this site at times. It's disturbing how it makes me re-evaluate and question life's insatiable ebb and flow. I want to just be sometimes, unquestioning, unquestionably. But in the absence of this, I'll just adore you two and your perfect lives, and live vicariously through an existence I could never aspire to have. For I am not worthy.

Thank you for being you.

Alexandra DuPont

I've never really been much of a reader, or a lover, but your wonderful posts are easily the most important and exhilirating things involving words that I have ever scene. Like you, I used to be "big boned" only I still am. But your words, and also your grammer and sentences, make me think about what it would be like to challenge myself. Challenge myself to live. To be couragous and drink hot cocoa by warm roasting fires while shaving with my grrlfriends. To sweat my fears and eat less chocolate. And to pluck the thorns out of my rosebud and fill it with something silky and black. Are our lives ever perfect? Yours is. Or maybe it's your struggle that is perfect. I am in awe.


too. fucking. funny. wouldn't it be insane if you were actually stephanie klein, and started the whole site and lawsuit for more greek tragedy promotion? whoa. must take another bong hit ASAP.


oh, thank little baby jesus you guys found a new home.

also, I was laughing so hard at this post that my boss gave me more work to do. WTF is that about?

Christopher London

Industry whore, that would truly be the definition of Machiavellian maneuver by Judith Regan. However, as reported by Young Manhattanite among others, Ms. Klein apparently may have plagiarized a post on her blog. Surprised? What if Hallmark were to dispatch a team of lawyers to conduct some due diligence of the Greek Tragedy blog, would they find text lifted from their greeting cards? Who’s to know? Interesting thought nevertheless. In either case, I doubt that any part of Regan Books marketing plan anticipated that the authenticity of Ms. Klein’s work would be called into question or the level of ridicule and parody that her work would be subject to by the blogging community. An interesting question to ponder is what if the parody of Greek Tragedy was to eclipse the traffic to Ms. Klein’s web site.


"wouldn't it be insane if you were actually stephanie klein, and started the whole site and lawsuit for more greek tragedy promotion?"


Christopher London, you need to see a therapist for your obsession with SK, I mean good lord, don't be consumed by her shit and whatever, just be pissed, and go on. You are why people hate lawyers.


Chris, you need a therapist, and some anti-phsycotic meds. Double up on the latter.

Subtext Whore

Oh Annie, I bet you just love to lick your Krispy Kreme donuts lovingly around the outside before thrusting your tongue through the middle!


Too funny.

But sodomy is more that just @ss phukking. No stories about the other forms of sodomy? Or, are you a good lil' JAP after all. ;)

Alex P Bligg

You are such a rip-off of Carrie Bradshaw it's sickening. I can't believe that you have the balls to actually consider yourselves writers. What's next: a book deal? I am so much more clever, talented and handsome than you. I need all the attention. I am great and everyone suck. You'll probably edit this anyhow you self absorbed hack.

Check out my blog


How dare you alex bligg. It's people like steph and annie who make this world a better place, allowing us a much needed space where we can forget about world poverty, war, politics and poor people etc. We need people like them to keep us grounded, allow us to look and appreciate everything that is beautiful in the world, be that Prada, our own orifices, or the Hotel Ganesvoort. Have some perspective. Your blog is puerile and pathetic, as are you. Attention seeker. Meanie.



1. You're a scream.
2. I can't believe SK is suing you.
3. When does the defense fund soliciting begin?

Using words you've probably heard before, "don't stop now!"


come on everyone, stop getting so ugly on here. this blog is all about peace, romance, love and finding yourself. bash each other elsewhere, this is not the time nor the place.

nicely written stephanie! keep it coming!

Subtext Whore

Nicely said Lana. Never before has anal sexuality been rendered into such beautiful prose. To even attempt to do so requires guts. Literally.


Love the new blog design. And, yeah, when does the legal donation fund start? I'm in for $25.

lawschool dramaqueen

I don't think SK has a cause of action for which to sue, of course I haven't taken intellectual property or copyright yet, so maybe I don't know what I'm talking about. Guess I should spend some more time with my books and try to figure that out...

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marry me?

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